EDUlearn Academy for High Schools: A Bridge to the Future of Education

Parental Education for adolescents in the two years of high school and beyond offers a precious opportunity to personalize the educational path, but also raises the challenge of maintaining an efficient organization that guarantees complete, structured learning that complies with academic objectives. EDUlearn Academy Superiors was designed to transform these challenges into real opportunities, guiding students towards educational excellence in a flexible and stimulating environment.

Effortless Organization

With EDUlearn Academy, studying organization becomes natural and intuitive. Our 90 and 60 minute morning group sessions, Monday to Friday, are designed to integrate seamlessly into students' daily lives, ensuring that every study moment is effective and constructive. Afternoon activities, designed to be done both individually and collaboratively, promote independent learning and effective time management.

Comprehensive Development and Key Skills

We understand the crucial importance of equipping students not only with the skills needed to pass their end-of-year exams, but also with soft skills critical to their personal and professional development. Through sessions focused on problem solving , team building and public speaking , integrated with meetings with native English-speaking teachers, we offer 360-degree training.

  • 💡 Subscription to the EDUpar Portal: Your Ally in Homeschooling

    The EDUpar Portal represents an invaluable resource for an organized and stress-free approach to parental education. Accessible to all families, the portal offers a wide range of reading materials, videos on parenting, teaching materials and support tools to personalize education based on students' interests and needs, facilitating the educational task of parents.

  • 💡 Study Rooms: to Support Socialization

    Study Rooms offer a safe virtual space where students can collaborate and interact with peers, promoting collaboration and strengthening the sense of community belonging, essential for balanced social and emotional development. The Study Rooms will be active from 10.30 to 12.30 from Monday to Friday.

  • 💡 School-Work Alternation Projects: Preparing for the Future

    At EDUlearn Academy, we firmly believe in the importance of preparing our students not only academically but also by providing them with practical skills for the world of work. For this reason, we can offer school-work alternation projects to introduce students from the third year of high school to the professional reality in stimulating and innovative ways. Through these experiences, students will have the opportunity to develop transferable skills and understand the value of teamwork in real-world settings.

  • 💡 A Team Always at Your Side

    With EDUlearn Academy, tackling homeschooling never means being alone. Our team of professionals are always on hand to provide guidance, support and access to the latest teaching resources. Join our community to share experiences, ideas and advice, creating a network of mutual support. We help you in choosing the school where to take the Annual Exams.

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Two-year High School Academy

Two-year High School Academy

Age 13-16 years (two-year period)
Course start date 16/09/2024
Course end date 03/06/2025
Weekly lessons from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12
Installment Payment : 5 installments of €400
(Pre-registration €70)

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And then?!

For years 3-4-5 of high school, we also offer specialized courses to meet advanced educational needs. For information and to find out how we can support your children's educational journey in these crucial phases, we invite you to contact us.

The future of education is a journey we take together. Sign up today at EDUlearn Academy for the two-year period of high school and make homeschooling an adventure full of discovery, learning and growth.

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