Who we are

The EDUlearn Project is an initiative of EDUPAR.IT , the Italian Social Network dedicated to parents who decide to personally follow the education of their children, choosing not to attend traditional educational institutions. In Italy, as in numerous countries around the world, it is a right and duty enshrined in the Constitution to offer your children a personalized study path.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, in total legality, more and more parents are deciding to give their children a course of study outside the classroom. EDUPAR is dedicated to those who are seriously considering this opportunity and to those who have already been practicing Homeschooling for some time.

The EDUlearn educational project is open to all those who practice parental education and schoolchildren, regardless of their religion, philosophy of life, country of origin, ethnic identity, educational method and state of health. Our aim is to welcome the most diverse realities possible to create a welcoming and multicultural online community . We also welcome Italian citizens doing parental education abroad and travel schoolers of all nationalities.

The founder

The EDUlearn educational project was conceived and created by Erika Di Martino , founder of the EDUpar Network, writer, life coach and family consultant, as well as mother of 5 children who have always practiced Homeschooling . His children are 8, 12, 15, 17 and 19 years old and have always chosen parental education: a path that has allowed them to nurture their talents and express their potential to the fullest.
Online you will find hundreds of online courses and teachers, but only this project was designed by Homeschooler for Homeschoolers , keeping alive the free and inquisitive spirit of each student. EDUlearn encompasses the best of the experience of over 15 years of Homeschooling, Unschooling and direct teaching in the field.

We will not take away time from your family, but we will support you to grow without limits.