EDUlearn Academy for Primary Classes: Where Organization Meets Passion for Learning.

Homeschooling presents the wonderful opportunity to personalize your children's education , but it also brings with it the challenge of maintaining an efficient organization that ensures complete and structured learning. EDUlearn Academy was created to transform this challenge into an opportunity, offering a turnkey solution that allows children aged 6 to 11 to reach their full educational potential without sacrificing curiosity and passion for knowledge. You parents will never feel alone in this important choice.

Effortless Organization

With EDUlearn Academy, organizing your study path becomes simple and intuitive. Our group sessions, 90 minutes each from Monday to Friday, are designed to fit harmoniously into your daily routine, ensuring that every study moment is productive and fully exploited. With light afternoon tasks designed to be completed individually, we stimulate not only learning but also autonomy and organization of study.

Comprehensive Development and Key Skills

We recognize the importance of preparing children not only for their end-of-year exams but also to develop soft skills that are vital for their future. Through sessions dedicated to problem solving, team building, and public speaking, accompanied by weekly meetings with native English-speaking teachers, we ensure complete training that goes beyond the traditional school curriculum. We prepare children on the skills necessary to pass the end-of-year exams and we pay particular attention to basic subjects such as Italian, English and Mathematics.

  • 💡 Subscription to the EDUpar Portal: Your Ally in Homeschooling

    The EDUpar Portal is your indispensable resource for organized and stress-free homeschooling. It offers access to a digital library full of homeschooling readings, videos, learning materials and interactive lessons, allowing parents to personalize learning according to children's interests and needs. With monthly webinars and practical guides, we support parents in becoming effective educators, simplifying time management and promoting independent learning techniques.

  • 💡 Study Rooms: to Support Socialization

    The Study Rooms are a proposal to stimulate friendships in a safe and constructive environment. By promoting collaboration and exchange, these virtual rooms strengthen the sense of community and belonging, crucial elements for balanced social learning. All children in the Academy can use the Study Rooms independently from 10.30 to 12.30.

  • 💡 Telephone Support: A Team Always by Your Side

    With EDUlearn Academy, you will never be alone in the homeschooling adventure. Our team of experts is always available to offer you guidance, support and the latest teaching resources. Join our community of families to share experiences, ideas and advice, strengthening mutual support. We are at your disposal on the EDUpar Portal, in class Telegram groups and at Customer Service +39 3792209322 - Call us today!

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Primary Academy

Primary Academy

Ages 6-11 years
Course start date 09/16/2024
Course end date 03/06/2025
Weekly lessons from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 10.30 or from 10.45 to 12.15
Installment Payment : 5 installments of €320
(Pre-registration €70)

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Choose EDUlearn Academy Primary

Our promise is simple: to offer you all the tools for a peaceful, organized and stimulating homeschooling, where every child can shine. We also organize end-of-year exams!

Sign up now to EDUlearn Academy for Primary Classes and transform Homeschooling into a unique adventure, full of learning, discovery and growth. Pre-register here or call one of our managers for a telephone appointment at +39 3792209322