Our project

We have different types of proposals for those who do Homeschooling and also for those who attend school:

Project Video Presentation

  • 🌐 National Directions

    The annual multidisciplinary path allows you to obtain skills
    basic requirements required by the national indications of the MIUR. With ours
    We are committed to supporting the work of families, through targeted lessons on specific topics and stimulating daily interaction.

  • 🇬🇧 English

    In the Academy courses, the use of the English language will be favored whenever possible, all our teachers have an excellent level of spoken and written English.

  • 🎲 Game

    Among the fundamental themes there will be the centrality of the individual, socialization and collaboration, learning in a playful way and the search for common interests that go beyond the study session.

  • 🚫 No DAD

    It's not about DAD, school-like distance learning, but about
    student-based learning, without grades or questions. Parents will receive information regarding the progress of their children through the relationship with the teachers.

  • 🔄 Constance

    Each group will have a constant reference teacher over time. Having said that, there will also be times when external figures will intervene or interclass activities will be organised.

  • ✅ No Tasks, Yes Tasks!

    There will not be tasks intended as school ones, but short, effective individual and group tasks that complete ours
    training offer and allow students to learn to manage time and resources.