Terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions of Service.

Agreement between families and the EDUlearn Team.

This agreement outlines and clarifies the conditions that will apply to secure and further improve our online teaching offering. By reading and accepting this document you support EDUlearn's position that the education of children/young people in parent education is a partnership between our Team and your family. Furthermore, you confirm that you agree with the following conditions in order to engage in seriousness and security in online sessions. Homeschool students who participate in the sessions are required to read and know the contents of this document. Possible doubts or questions can be discussed with management.

To facilitate online sessions, the family must support the student / homeschooler :

- Providing a quiet, safe and distraction-free work space with an adult nearby, if necessary. It is important to avoid constant background noises (adults' voices, dogs barking or noises made by other pets...) to allow children and teenagers to always keep the microphone turned on.
- Providing adequate equipment (PC or tablet, not smartphone) and a good connection that allows optimal enjoyment of the lessons.

- Providing basic school materials (pens, pencils, notebooks, drawing paper, glue, scissors, ruler and colours) and possibly purchasing the books requested by teachers during the educational project.


- Making sure your children are dressed for the day and not in pajamas and that they are well positioned in front of the screen with good frontal light.


- Making sure that your children are online on time and that any absences are reported to the relevant teacher, in order to organize the session as best as possible.


- Making sure that during online sessions your children do not get distracted with other technological tools (messaging applications, mobile phones or games). It would be ideal for children and young people to understand the importance of demonstrating good attention and interaction to get the most out of the time spent together online.


- Providing the relevant teacher with data relating to particular conditions related to the student's learning / health, or to unexpected family situations that may occur during the year, and which could cause difficulties in carrying out the sessions.

Dialogue and mutual support.

In order to optimize the collaboration between the EDUlearn Team and the students, parents are also willing to:

- Read and if necessary respond to communications from teachers and management in a timely manner.


- Provide your children with the necessary materials for the sessions, in the time necessary to carry them out.

- Participate in online group meetings (usually only one per quarter).

- Agree to speak with the reference teacher to discuss the behavior of the students individually and in groups and other important issues, should any problems arise that cannot be resolved independently.


- Take primary responsibility for the values, attitudes and behavior of your children, and follow them weekly in their academic evolution and emotional growth.

Frequency and educational principles.

Parents recognize that:

- Those who connect to sessions late interrupt the flow of morning activities and that numerous delays and interruptions in a group force the teacher to slow down the flow of lessons for everyone.

- Active attendance at sessions and carrying out short afternoon activities (when necessary and if present) are important elements for the success of the educational project. If you do not wish to complete the small self-study tasks given during the week, please notify the teacher immediately, this will help us to organize the sessions better.


- The use of backgrounds, messaging and tools of the Zoom platform must not disturb the smooth running of the activity. When the teacher realizes that their use is counterproductive to the group's activity, it will be necessary to stop using them.


-EDUlearn's educational principles are based on the belief that the violence, consumerism, and passive entertainment promoted by today's mass media culture do not support the well-being of children. We trust that families have among their shared values: love, tolerance, respect and responsibility. Our team of teachers is prepared to pursue the latter, in supporting the psychophysical growth of their students.

- Your children should be supported in spending as much time as possible playing outdoors, reading, doing hobbies and sports and using their imagination in free play. The hours spent in front of the screen must be alternated with in-person social activities in order to guarantee the psychophysical well-being of children and young people. We have noticed that a healthy balance between multimedia learning and learning carried out outdoors, independently or in a group, in real life, also offers the best results in terms of consistency and determination.

- The EDUlearn educational project is complementary to the educational work carried out by parents, and is therefore to be considered as a support for preparation for the end-of-year exams. It supports the learning of knowledge and the development of skills and competences, as well as a valid support for socialization, which must be integrated with study and daily activities organized by the family in order to optimize results. The EDUlearn Academy educational project does not aim to cover the entire ministerial study program, given that the family has the right to customize it to their liking.


Our educational project will be expanded by the intervention of specialists who will participate in some of the lessons based on specific themes, offering in-depth analysis and question&answer sessions (example topics: pollution, use of the internet, music, etc.), and will also be proposed during the This is a year of moments of exchange and comparison between groups, with interclass projects based on photography, science, dance and much more. In this case the audio/video materials produced by the children will be shared within the EDUlearn project for exclusively educational purposes.


Finally, parents are aware of the fact that they cannot record and share with third parties the live lessons and the video/photographic material used in the group. The EDUlearn team is also not responsible for autonomous interactions (messages, emails, comments on social media, etc.) between children and young people outside of class hours. During the year, sessions will be held on the conscious use of technological tools, but the key point is the support of parents in this difficult task of managing the use of smartphones and computers.


Payments, withdrawals, programs and diplomas.

EDUlearn believes in the human and trusting relationship that is established with families from the first moment. This is why we allow families to pay the course fee in installments (maximum of 6 installments - Academy).
If you discover that the study group is not suitable for your son/daughter and you notify us via email within the first week of the start of lessons, we will try to provide you with access to another study group or refund the fee paid up to at that moment.

Inability of EDUlearn to provide the service.

During our experience we have only had a couple of cases in which the lack of harmony, collaboration and discipline on the part of the children and families resulted in the impossibility for us to continue with the online sessions.

These were cases in which the children began the Homeschooling experience, and also our paths, after a traumatizing period of school attendance. The kids in question therefore did not have the opportunity to "detoxify themselves from the system" and find their balance and maturity with respect to study and life in general, before starting the journey with us. All this led to intolerance, rejection and disturbance on their part, which created havoc and discomfort for the whole group.

Since the behavior described is in disagreement with the EDUlearn Educational Pact signed by each registered family, we were forced to apply the rules on withdrawals and payments, after 3 official attempts at improvement/reminder to the parents of the student in question.


We cannot issue official diplomas given that the MIUR does not consider e-learning platforms a method to fulfill compulsory education, however, we can provide a certificate of participation in our educational project. This document can be shown to the school supervisor, and can be used when the head teacher asks you for information on the technical skills you have to carry out parental education. The document can also be included in the children's portfolio. Furthermore, in the annual Parental Education declaration, which you must send to the supervising school, you can indicate that you are supported by EDUlearn in your educational path ( download declaration with specified support ).
Our educational project (programme) which is in line with the National Indications of the MIUR Curriculum, is to be delivered to the school with the addition of your experiential/didactic part which completes it. For complete preparation it is necessary for the family to nurture and follow the personal educational educational path of the children and young people, implementing what is done during our online courses.


By allowing your son/daughter to access online lessons, you accept this agreement and acknowledge that you have shared and discussed the contents of this document as a family. It is essential that the homeschool children and young people participating in the EDUlearn Academy project have understood the contents of this document and that they are in agreement with the indications given.

Thank you for your attention to this information, we are happy to have you with us.

With love,

Erika Di Martino