Contest "L'Homeschooling dei Miei Sogni"

"The Homeschooling of My Dreams" Contest

The heart of this writing contest is to discover what our homeschoolers want most in their educational journey. " My Dream Homeschooling" is an invitation to explore and share your aspirations, the innovations you would like to see in your education, and those elements you think could make your learning even more exciting, engaging, and suited to your passions.

Focusing on your desires and aspirations in your homeschooling journey offers myriad benefits. This focus not only stimulates imagination and creativity, but also helps define more personalized and meaningful educational goals.

Here are some key reasons why we encourage this reflection:

  1. Learning Personalization:

You Homeschoolers have unique passions, interests, and ways of learning. Thinking about what you really want to incorporate into your homeschooling journey allows you to personalize your educational experience. This personalization ensures that education is not only more engaging but also more effective, as it better aligns with your natural inclinations and curiosities.

  1. Increase in Motivation:

When students see that their learning journey includes areas that they are deeply passionate about, their motivation to learn intensifies. Motivation is a powerful driver for self-directed learning and can lead to deeper exploration and greater engagement in the educational process.

  1. Development of Autonomy and Responsibility:

Through reflection on what they want to accomplish and learn, you will develop a sense of autonomy in their educational journey. You will learn to make informed decisions and take responsibility for your learning, these are valuable skills in both education and life.

  1. Cultivating Long-Term Dreams and Aspirations:

Actively thinking about what you want to achieve offers the opportunity to explore future dreams and goals. This early exploration can serve as the foundation for future decisions regarding higher education, career, and personal interests.

How to participate and bring your dreams to life: 

  1. Personal Reflection: Begin by reflecting on what you would like to have in your homeschooling journey that is not currently part of your educational experience. It can be something tangible like access to certain tools or resources, or more abstract, like innovative teaching methods or experiential learning opportunities. Be specific in describing your wants and needs.
  2. Creative Expression: Transform your reflections into a creative narrative. You can write a short story or a personal essay. The important thing is that you are specific in your vision. Tell us the story of your “Homeschooling of My Dreams” so we can see the world through your eyes.

The stories can be accompanied by an illustration, if you think it would give more emphasis to your story.

  1. Expectations: As you write, consider how your ideas might be realized . Don't worry about the immediate feasibility of each dream, but try to imagine how these desires could shape a unique and personalized educational path. Goal: Our goal is to listen to the voices of our homeschoolers and better understand how we can support them in making homeschooling an even richer and more satisfying experience. We want this competition to be a stepping stone to making your dreams come true, giving you the platform to share them and the chance to see some of them come to life. We encourage every student to participate with openness, creativity and hope. This is the time to imagine without limits and tell us and the world what "My Dream Homeschooling" would mean to you.

The Supporting Role of EDUpar

We stand alongside parents and children on this journey. We understand the importance of an educational path that reflects students' aspirations and are here to offer resources, support and encouragement. We recognize that education is a shared journey, a partnership between students, parents and educators.

EDUlearn's commitment

Our commitment is to listen, to learn from students' reflections, and to adapt our resources and support to better meet their needs and desires. We firmly believe in the power of personalized education and are committed to facilitating an environment that nurtures curiosity, innovation and passion.

By encouraging students to reflect on what they want in their homeschooling journey, we not only help them realize their dreams but also help shape autonomous, motivated individuals ready to face the challenges of the future. We're here to support you every step of the way, working together to transform education into a personalized, discovery-filled adventure.

Practical Indications

✨ Who can participate?
All children and young people aged 6 to 17 enrolled in the EDUlearn Academy or the EDUpar Network.

✨Work format
The work can be done by hand and scanned or typed into a computer. The length of the text must be approximately 3000 characters (approximately one page). Final document format: PDF or JPG. Give vent to your creativity.

✨ Duration of the Contest
Start: Thursday 28 March 2024.
Deadline: Tuesday 9 April 2024.
Awards ceremony: Wednesday 10 April 2024

✨Instructions for Participation
Express Yourself Freely: Talk about your experiences, challenges, successes, and your journey as a homeschooler. Be original and personal in your story.

First Prize: 60 euro Amazon voucher.
Second Prize: 40 euro Amazon voucher.
Third Prize: 20 euro Amazon voucher.

✨How to Submit Your Work
Upload your PDF or JPG here
Be sure to include your name and age.

The works will be evaluated for creativity, originality, emotional expression and personal reflection by the EDUpar Staff.

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