Annuncio Vincitori Contest "L'Homeschooling dei Miei Sogni"

Announcement of Winners of the "Homeschooling of My Dreams" Contest

🌟 We are excited to announce the winners of the "Homeschooling of My Dreams" contest! First of all, a big thank you to all the participants who shared their innovative and personalized visions of homeschooling with us. Your creativity and commitment to expressing your educational dreams have deeply impressed us.

πŸ† Winners:

  1. Samuele di Rosa
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  2. Asia Hippos
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  3. Jacopo Miassot
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πŸ’¬ To all the participants of the literary competition, I hope that this experience is a source of inspiration and personal growth. May your words resonate with authenticity and touch the hearts of those who read, opening new avenues for creativity and sharing. Happy writing everyone!

With love, Erika Di Martino

πŸ… Special mention:

Michelangelo Barbagallo

Special Mention 'Excellence in Cursive' : Michelangelo, your ability to transform each sentence into a masterpiece of care and detail truly impressed us. Your every word dances on the paper like a delicate brushstroke. Keep writing, expressing your art through words, and dreaming big. The world needs more everyday poets like you.

Michelangelo, homeschooling offers you the unique opportunity to cultivate your own detailed, personal writing style. Enjoy the freedom to explore different genres and themes that fuel your passion. Your ability to create beauty with words can only grow in an environment that celebrates personalization and the depth of learning.

Francesco Fedeli

Special Mention 'Gratitude': Francesco, your generous heart and your ability to express gratitude through words have deeply touched us. Thank you for reminding us of the importance of appreciating and valuing every moment. Never stop sharing this gift, keep writing and spreading positivity and gratitude through your words.

Francesco, through homeschooling you can continue to develop your sensitivity and ability to express gratitude, such rare and precious elements. Use this freedom to deepen your knowledge on topics that spark your gratitude, and share these reflections to inspire others, too.

Edoardo Fanti

Special Mention 'Friendship': Edoardo, the way you have woven the value of friendship into your stories shows a deep understanding of how fundamental it is in our lives. Continue to explore and talk about friendship, because through your words, many can find inspiration and comfort.

Edward, homeschooling allows you to more deeply explore values ​​such as friendship in ways that traditional schooling may not allow. Deepen your stories of friendship, explore literature and philosophy that speak to human connections, and continue to nurture the empathetic understanding that so enriches your narratives.

Giorgia Ferro

Special Mention 'Effective Communication': Giorgia, your ability to explain complex concepts with clarity and precision is a rare and precious talent. Continue to use your writing to enlighten and guide others, making the complex accessible and understandable.

Giorgia, your clear and direct approach will greatly benefit the personalized homeschool environment. You can use this opportunity to delve deeper into the topics that interest you most and perfect your ability to communicate complex concepts in a simple and understandable way. Continue to pursue this clarity of presentation, because it is a quality that illuminates the mind of the listener and... Thanks for the advice!

Bianca Loffarelli

Special Mention 'Intergenerational Bridge': Bianca, your work that connects generations is inspiring. Keep writing stories that unite, that show how much we can learn from each other, regardless of age.

Bianca, homeschooling gives you the freedom to explore stories and lessons that cross generations. Use this opportunity to learn directly from various cultural and historical sources, integrating this knowledge into your creations. Your grandmother, like all elderly people, is precious! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Luna Zanella

Special Mention 'Sensitivity and Connection with Nature': Luna, your deep respect and love for nature are clearly reflected in your words. Continue to write, explore, and share your connection to the natural world, inspiring others to look at our environment with the same loving eyes.

Luna, with homeschooling you have the freedom to integrate your passion for nature directly into your educational path. Your sensitivity and connection to the natural world can only deepen, thus enriching your every word and story. You have so much to teach us!


πŸ‘ Special thanks to all the young homeschoolers who participated. You have demonstrated great autonomy and motivation, and you have brought your dreams to life in ways only you could imagine. It was a privilege for us to read every single story and illustration.

πŸ’­ This contest was more than just a competition; it was an opportunity for us to listen and better understand how we can support each student in their unique educational journey. Your voices will guide us as we continue to adapt and improve the support we offer.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ Let's continue this journey together, exploring and realizing the homeschooling of your dreams. Thank you for sharing your stories and inspiring us!

πŸ”— Stay connected for future competitions and initiatives

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