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Review Geography 5 Primary

Review Geography 5 Primary

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Global Discoveries: Geography Review for Grade 5. An adventurous journey across the continents, cultures and landscapes of our planet.

Course start date: 03/05/2024
Course end date: 06/07/2024
Weekly lessons: Friday from 11.40am to 12.40pm
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Designed to offer effective reinforcement of the key concepts of the MIUR educational project and the National Indications for the Curriculum. Through a course of 5-6 lessons, depending on the course selected, students will have the opportunity to fix the specific and most important ideas in their minds, leading them towards the acquisition of the skills necessary to face exams with confidence. This targeted approach allows you to optimize study time and achieve optimal results, ensuring complete and in-depth preparation.

The course

Course Description

Our fifth grade geography review course is an exciting and informative exploration of the world around us. Students will have the opportunity to virtually travel across different regions of the globe, discovering unique landscapes, cultural practices, political systems, and environmental issues that define each area.

The course focuses on an in-depth understanding of physical and human geography, with particular attention to the interactions between human activities and the natural environment. Through the use of detailed maps, geographic data analysis, and creative projects, students will learn to interpret complex phenomena and evaluate the impact of human decisions on Earth.

Designed to stimulate curiosity and scientific interest, this program is perfect for students participating in homeschooling or homeschooling. With a series of interactive lessons and multimedia resources, the course aims to make students aware of the world's diversity and prepare them to face the global challenges of the future.

By discovering how people live in different parts of the world and analyzing global problems such as climate change and resource management, this course not only prepares students for their final exams, but educates them to become global citizens responsible and informed.


  • The sessions will be held on the free Zoom platform. You will need a fast internet connection, a PC or tablet equipped with a video camera and microphone (a smartphone is not ideal).
  • Access to the lessons will take place via a dedicated platform.
  • It is important that the student is in a quiet and well-lit place (front light, not rear), that the camera is at his height (face), and that he has space to get up and move, since he will not always be seated.
  • Once the payment has been made, you will receive the contract and the data to access the dedicated site for managing the lessons, calendar and payments.
  • Everything simple and just a click away!
  • If you have any doubts, visit the FAQ page or send an email here .

Course led by...

Davide Fassola

Ligurian by birth, he lived in Romagna, Madrid and Lisbon. Passionate about society and its problems, other cultures and languages ​​and the 'new' in general, he has a degree in sociology. He has been teaching for six years and wants to continue doing so, and he wants to continue learning. He loves long walks, the light and long chats with friends.

The Advantages of Homeschooling with EDUlearn

With EDUlearn, homeschooling becomes a personalized and flexible path, which not only strengthens academic knowledge but celebrates and respects the uniqueness of each child, guaranteeing:

  • Tailored individual progress

    with teaching methods adapted to each learning style.

  • ✨ Accessibility and constant involvement

    thanks to innovative and exciting teaching resources.

  • ✨ Continuous support for families and students

    with a community dedicated to promoting educational and personal well-being.